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Aaaand Inuyasha is OVER. This is so weird for me. Inuyasha was my...third manga series ever, way way back (Ranma 1/2 was my second. Magic Knight Rayearth was my first and the start of my CLAMP love, even if MKR is pretty tame by CLAMP standards, twist ending nonwithstanding. I mean, everybody ends the series with both eyes! What's up with that?). This is one of the few series I can be all elitist and snooty and old-school about, because I got into it way back in 2000, when there was no anime (I still have old VHS fansubs of the first 20-ish eps, and I remember being so psyched when I heard the anime was coming out) and there were like four or five volumes of manga out in the US and they were big and cost like 15 bucks. I have an old old fic (once a songfic, but I edited it when made those verboten) on the second-to-last page of the Inuyasha section of, and at the time I posted it it was one of the first Miroku-centric fics on there. I've been following that damn series for what feels like forever. And sometimes I kind of hated it and I briefly dropped it, but in the end I did read it all the way through. It was the best of series, it was the worst of series, it was the neverending-why-is-it-still-going-THE-FILLER-MY-EYES-THE-FILLER beaten to death series. And I still do not-so-secretly love it.

spoilers spoilers spoooooilers )

Anyway, between this and CN rerunning the earlier eps of the anime I am having such nostalgia right now. The series really was a sinkhole of filler at times, but when it was good it was good. Now I have to go buy DVDs.


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