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Okay, so you know, I always see stuff on The Daily Show about the right-wing nutso commentators jumping on Barack Obama's "terrorsit fist bump" and all that jazz, but y'know, I thought that was just crazy TV people and hoped real people were actually smarter than that. Oh, such adorable faith in humanity.

A lady came into the bank today (non-customer, tried to go through the drive-thru to cash a check drawn on my bank, told her she had to go inside, if I'd known she was a moron who wouldn't shut up I would've thought twice) and just...gah. We have a new girl who's very nice but just cannot shut up when I wish she would shut up, and when the lady started chatting about the economy New Girl just had to bring up the presidential candidates. So lady takes a moment to mention Obama's infamous fifty-seven states gaffe and I mentioned, he was tired, it was a mistake, blah blah. The lady says in this conspiratorial voice, "There are fifty-seven Islamic states." Shock! Horror! Obama is an eeeevil Muslim, coming to enslave us with the power of his sparkly smile!


She also mentioned that them filthy dirty Democrats tore down American flags during their convention and made Boy Scouts pick them out of the trash. Because as we all know, Democrats hate both America and Boy Scouts and besides, patriotism is measured by how many flag stickers you have on your bumper. Doubtless she skipped the part where the Boy Scouts were also all blind and one-legged, and how the Democrats tore up the American flags first and used them to strangle puppies.

*Disclaimer: in case you couldn't tell, I am a filthy dirty liberal, and the politics of hate being tossed around in this country (from both sides) make me jaded and bitter. Surely there's better things we could be doing with our time.


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