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Sooo, hello Yuletide person. This is my first time doing this so I apologize if it's all a bit scattered.

Stuff I like: Character interaction. All the character interaction. I love it. I love little stupid conversations between characters that totally show their personalities, I love big shouting matches, I love pillow talk, I love it all. Interesting dialogue especially makes me happy.

I am good with pretty much all pairing types. Het, slash, femslash, go for it. I'd prefer no porn but I'll read it if it's there (it's just in the scheme of things if I could have four pages of characters walking down a street talking or four pages of characters smexing, I'll take the walking down the street talking).

I like stuff that's in character and could fit in canon. Little moments we didn't see or pre-series stuff is always cool. That said, I'm always up for a good AU too.

Basically I'll read just about anything if it's written well enough.

Anyway, fandoms!

1. Chihayafuru
Characters: Komano Tsutomu, Oe Kanade
So I ship these two like Fedex. The few times I've gone looking for Chihayafuru fic I've never been able to find any fic for them, so I would be very happy with pretty much any cute shippy thing you can do.

2. 7 Seeds
Characters: Any
I just want fic for this series. Any fic. Natsu is my favorite (I identify with her maybe a little too much, eh heh) so I'd definitely like to see something with her in it, along with the rest of Team Summer B. Even just a daily-life sort of thing (I'm thinking like how they had the talent show in canon) would be cool. Adventure-type stuff is fine too, but preferably no character death or permanent maiming (that's for the next fandom :P).

3. Havemercy
Characters: Thom, Rook
So I'm kinda not completely into this as a ship but I like it as interesting brotherly interaction. It's really up to you which you'd like though, because I will take the shippy stuff if it's there. I kinda want to see something where Thom gets injured and Rook deals/doesn't deal because I think it would be interesting and I really like Rook being sorta protective of Thom.

4. Nabari no Ou
Characters: Meguro Gau, Shimizu Raikou
Heeey, it's that 'shipping like Fedex' thing again. Pre-series would be really neat if possible, because I just have this thing where I wonder about stuff like what exactly happened right after Raikou saved Gau and how he ended up bring Gau into Kairoshuu and having him become part of Wakachi. Super protective Raikou gives me fuzzy feelings.

That pretty much covers most of it. Optional details are always optional, so whatever you write I'm okay with it (See above: will read anything if it's written well enough). I'm excited to read whatever you write :D
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