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This is the master list of (almost) all my fics. These links are to the Dreamwidth version, though I'll also be adding alternate lj links as soon as I get around to it (or possibly never, we'll see :P).

My fics can also be found at under the name Klitch and also at AO3. I've backdated fics as best I can to their original posting date.

[Slayers] [Digimon 02] [Hikaru no Go] [Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle] [K Project] [Original] [On Missing Fics]


The Demon Within Gen (basically), Zelgadis-centric.
Summary:Zel finds an unexpected cure with an unexpected price.
[part one] [part two]

Zelgadis-chan in Wonderland Unabashed crackfic, Zel-centric (naturally).
Summary:Once upon a time, an innocent little girl followed a rabbit down a hole. This is not that story.
[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [part five] [part six] [part seven] [part eight]


Cinderken: The Musical Crackalicious, script format. Kensuke and a myriad of other side ships.
Summary:Once upon a time, there was a servant boy and a prince, a couple Fairy Godbrothers, some Digimon and a royal ball...
[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four]

Count the Seconds, Count the Steps Kensuke.
Summary:Ken gets insomnia and goes for a latenight walk that lands him right under Daisuke's window.

Chicken Soup Kisses Fluffy Daiken. Sequel to Count the Seconds, Count the Steps.
Summary:Ken is sick and Daisuke takes care of him with varying degrees of success.

Deep as You Go Daiken, Kaiken. NC-17, and take that rating seriously. Mental illness, self harm and serious business.
Summary:Daisuke decides to spend a year abroad in America, but when he returns he discovers that a lot can change in a year, especially when it comes to Ken....
[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [part five] [part six] [part seven] [part eight] [part nine] [part ten] [part eleven] [part twelve] [part thirteen] [part fourteen] [part fifteen] [part sixteen]
*Note: There was a censored version of this I briefly posted at before it was deleted shortly after that site banned NC-17 fics. The version of this originally posted on mediaminer was also missing a chunk of chapter 12 which didn't get corrected for a few years (when I suddenly noticed it). This is the original, full version in all its uncensored glory.

The Edge of the World Oneshot, mild Kensuke.
Summary:Ken and Daisuke have an odd conversation on the edge of a cliff.

Mizu-Kagami Kensuke.
Summary:After Ken is dragged into the world of the dark ocean, he meets a strange being named Kagami who steals his name and form...leaving Ken trapped in the dark world.
[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [part five] [part six] [part seven] [part eight] [part nine]

Hikaru no Go

Say You Will AkiHika-ish.
Summary: small fight between Hikaru and Akira leaves Hikaru feeling oddly disappointed and Akira with a sudden wish to make Hikaru happy.

Summer Stars AkiHika.
Summary:Hikaru and co. spend the night at a summer festival, and Hikaru soon discovers that Akira is there, and following him. But why?

Wish We Never Met AkiHika. Currently incomplete (IMSORRYIMSORRYIMSORRY).
Summary: After Hikaru doesn't show up for a game at the Go Salon, Akira finds himself possessor of some unfamiliar feelings.
[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [part five] [part six] [part seven] [part eight] [part nine]

Without You AkiHika. Smutty but plot-y.
Summary:Akira and Hikaru spend a final night together before Akira leaves on a year-long trip to China.

Your Body is a Wonderland NC-17, AkiHika. Just this side of PWP.
Summary:An emotionally distraught Akira seeks an unexpected comfort.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Bones Fai-centric. Pre-Tokyo arc but with major spoilers for Fai's past.
Summary:In yet another new world, Fai meets the last person he ever wanted to meet...and hears a name he never expected to hear again...

Bound KuroFai. Challenge fic, original prompt:“Fai, chains and Kurogane enjoying the silence."
Summary: The only thing Kurogane could think of that was more mortifying than being captured and chained was being rescued by Fai.

The Bright End of Nowhere KuroFai. 2013 Olympics fic, prompt: Ghost in the Machine.
Summary:"you're like me, right?" In a crumbling world, Fai finds himself having to confront the consequences of the deal he's made, and make a choice on what he will do next.
[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five]

Crack of Dawn KuroFai. Spoilers for the Tokyo arc.
Summary: He was dying by inches just to prove he could.

Dynamics Humor, KuroFai. Set post-series but written pre-Tokyo arc, so some clashes with canon.
Summary:Kurogane likes to think he's in charge of his relationship with Fai. Kurogane is Very Very Wrong.

Echo KuroFai, AshuraFai. Non-canon compliant.
Summary:'Come with me,' Ashura said. Fai took his hand, and was only a little afraid.

Eurydice KuroFai. Post-Tokyo, spoilers for Fai's past.
Summary: Every year, a festival is held to celebrate the passing of the Night of Change, when the sea goes dark and voices call from the land on the other side. And when Fai is called, Kurogane has no choice but to follow.

Fairytale Rules Crackiness, KuroFai.
Summary: Because there is only one way to break a sleeping spell.

Furnace Implied AshuraFai. Non-canon compliant.
Summary:Even a thousand worlds away, Fai can still hear the heartbeat.

Last Year's War KuroFai. Major spoilers up to chapter 163.
Summary:Fai has trouble with time.

Night of the Dancing Flame KuroFai.
Summary: They say Firelit Night is not a time for fickle hearts or weak flames, and Kurogane has never been one to hesitate.

Not Normal Humor, KuroFai.
Summary: The magician was not normal, Kurogane decided. Not normal at all.

Old Skin KuroFai. Tumblr link.
Summary: The children of Suwa are always protected, her father had always said, and Hana had never quite known what that meant.

Pastoral KuroFai AU, NC-17
Summary: Kurogane had always been perfectly happy working with the horses and never being bothered by a soul. Until the day he met a stupid blond shepherd. De-anon'd fic for clampkink.

Telling Stories Mild KuroFai.
Summary: While in yet another new world, Fai (with a bit of 'help' from Kurogane and Mokona) tells a story about a cursed mage, a bad-tempered ninja with a white manjuu on his head, and the nature of being rescued.

Timeless AU, loosely based on The Snow Queen. KuroFai, Sakura/Syaoran
Summary: Once upon a time there was a child of misfortune and a broken mirror...and a day when the snow fell in spring...
[part one] [part two] [part three]

The World is Bound in Secret Knots AU, KuroFai. Olympics fic, prompt: blood on the sand.
Summary:Ever since the death of his parents, Kurogane has guarded the Shrine at World's End alone. Until the night he meets a particular stranger...

Under AU, KuroFai. Harlequin fic.
Summary: For a thousand years Kurogane has died every night at the hands of a demon and awoken every morning alive again. A stranger offers him the chance at a cure, but who can trust a strange mad prisoner who hears voices in his head?
[part one][part two][part three] [part four] [part five] [part six]

K Project

Between the Lines Slight Sarumi.
Summary: The first time Yata saw him the kid was sitting in the corner of the cafeteria all alone with his bought lunch spread out before him, painstakingly picking out the vegetables and stacking them according to color and size // People didn't like Fushimi Saruhiko.
[side Yata][side Fushimi] [schism]

Even in the Dark Sarumi
Summary: In the immediate aftermath of the Ashinaka High Incident, Fushimi does paperwork, Yata mourns, and the world is not so small.

Last of Days Sarumi.
Summary: Sometimes it felt as if the day Fushimi had joined Homra he’d received a deep cut to the vein and he’d been bleeding out slowly ever since. (If I can't be the thing you love, I'll have to be the thing you hate.)
[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [part five]


Wonderland Burning Nano '09 project. Unfinished at present.
[prologue] [part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [part five]

On missing fics

Some people may recall reading other fics of mine that aren't added in here. I used to have several Ranma 1/2 songfics out there, plus a little Inuyasha songfic, a Slayers multipart, a couple Digimon songfics and some incomplete fics.

The songfics I feel are pretty slapdash and just not very good (with the exception of one Digimon fic which I may repost at some point) so I decided to leave them off for that reason and they were all removed from according to taht site's new policy (save for the Inuyasha fic, which was editted accordingly). The Slayers fic also had several song lyrics in it, so I removed it from that site as well and have no desire to repost it anywhere. I frankly just don't like it at all and kinda wish I had never posted it in the first place, but if anyone really wants it I probably have a copy saved somewhere I can e-mail to anyone who requests it.

My two incomplete Digimon fics -- Drokken Hunting and Shiroi Ryuu -- I doubt will ever be finished, and so I chose not to post what there is of them, though Shiroi Ryuu is still available at My Tsubasa fic World Falls I also chose not to post for the same reason, though it too is available at Any other incomplete fics that were briefly posted on my old website won't be placed here either, though, again, if there's anything missing that someone would like a copy of, just e-mail or PM me and I'll see if I've still got my original copy lying around.
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